Igor V. Mikhailenko (JD)

Attorney at law, graduated from International Law Department of the Ukrainian Institute of International Relations and International Law under the Kyiv State Shevchenko University in 1991. He started his professional career in 1990 and worked as a lawyer for Proxen Law firm. Later Mr. Mikhailenko had served in Foreign Office as Third, Second, First Secretary of International Treaties and Legal department, Assistant First Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. In 1994 Mr. Mikhailenko joined Kiev office of Chicago based Altheimer & Gray, Law Offices, as an associate. Since 1996 he had worked for JSC Philip Morris Ukraine as Corporate Counsel, Head of Legal Department. In 2001 Mr. Mikhailenko joined Klitochenko, Minin & Partners (KM Partners since 2003). Mr. Mikhailenko has been a member of Kyiv Region Bar Association since 1996 and a member of Ukrainian Bar Association. He is fluent in Ukrainian, Russian and English.



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